What is the DailyTrainer?

The Future of Fitness Education

DailyTrainer was founded on the idea that fitness professionals should have access to the best education without spending all of their hard earned money. We also think that you should be able to get better anywhere you go - and so our digital platform is designed with you, the busy fitness professional in mind. 

The DailyTrainer platform will be your home for the information you seek. Our innovate episode format breaks up long lectures and workshops into enjoyable and memorable bits that you can watch everyday. You'll never feel overwhelmed by your fitness education again.

Our blog is the home of people just like you. Trainers looking to build their following, find their voice, and use the power of words to explore, develop, and master the concepts that drive the field. Our blogs are FREE to anyone who visits, as are all of the books, videos, and downloads available in the Free Growth section.

DailyTrainer will also become the place where you come to have fun, interact with other professionals, and enjoy satire productions, epic fitness memes, and eventually, in-person events that redefine our industry.

Thank you for wanting to get better everyday. 




Our blog, comment sections, forum, and online events allow for trainers around the world to help and be helped.

DailyTrainer exists to provide opportunities to learn, contribute, and grow as individuals, and as an entire industry.

Ready Set Go
Kettlebell Workout

The New Age of Fitness Education

Our vision is to bring the best information to you, the coach, for a fraction of the cost of the traditional certifications and workshops. 

Our commitment to elite educational content will ensure your career never stops growing.

Our promise to keep our videos entertaining will ensure you enjoy your experience.

Our vision for growth will keep us, and you, at the cutting edge of fitness.


DailyTrainer's vision includes providing access to our projects in a variety of forms. Each project will provide different information, although you'll be able to access the other methods quite easiliy.

Our mobile application is currently available on Google Play and the App Store. You'll find daily tips, weekly exercise analysis, and Pete McCall's "All about Fitness Podcast"

This site will feature our blog, our forum, and host our free and paid video content that functions to educate and entertain.

Our books will provide deep dives into specific topics, motivation to be a better professional, and paperback forms of our best content.

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Kevin Mullins

Managing Partner and Creative Director

Kevin Mullins, CSCS is the author of Day by Day, available now on Amazon. An Equinox Master Instructor, trainer, and group fitness professional - Kevin brings almost twenty thousand hours of experience to the team.

Kevin has a degree in Kinesiology, is certified by the NSCA, USAW, Precision Nutrition, and Schwinn Cycle. You can learn more at his site.


Michael Pepi

Managing Partner and Quality Control Director

Michael Pepi is a veteran trainer with over fifteen years of training experience with multiple health clubs and fitness brands. Early in his career mike also ran strength and conditioning programs for soccer teams, coached group exercise classes, and taught lectures on a variety of topics relevant to training and kinesiology. 

Michael brings a background in R.T.S. and special populations.