Submission Guidelines

We want to provide everyone an opportunity to grow their reach, but we have to maintain certain standards for our blog submissions. DailyTrainer exists as an education platform, a community, and a place for sharing information. For this reason the following guidelines are in place:

1. All information submitted can be rejected by DailyTrainer. The act of submission does not guarantee publishing.

2. All submissions must be the original works of the person submitting. If any evidence of plagiarizing exists, your article will be removed and you will no longer be allowed to publish with the DailyTrainer. 

3. Once submitted, approved, and vetted, all works become property of the DailyTrainer. You may provide links to your article from social media, websites, and emails. 

4. Any republishing of blogs found on DailyTrainer must be requested directly. Please email

5. All publications must be found to be factually accurate, not possess any hidden links, and do not serve as marketing for any product, service, or brand. 

6. All submissions are subject to checks for racism, sexism, and other forms of bigotry. Any evidence of these offenses and the author will be permanently banned from submitting to the website. 


Send email to with (BLOG PITCH) YOUR NAME - TITLE in the subject line.

The body of your email should state the following:

1. Date of submission

2. 100 word maximum pitch

3. 100 word author bio including ONE pertinent link (website/social media)

Please attach your article as a separate document with title: (BLOG PITCH) YOUR NAME -TITLE

**All submissions should be 2500 words or less. 

**Submissions can be rejected due for writing reasons - our editing staff is only willing to repair an article so much. Please take the time to edit for grammar, spelling, and general flow of the document.

**Please do not attach infographics or other documents unless specifically asked. 

So there you have it. We look forward to your submissions and are excited to have you as one of us.